Advisory Committee


5B CAN is a collaboration. Our successes will depend upon the actions – big and small – taken by our local government as well as residents, businesses, and nonprofits. That’s why Blaine County brought together the leaders from the cities of Bellevue, Carey, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley, a diverse group of community stakeholders to help shape our program. The Sustainability & Climate Advisory Committee guides the development of our clean energy roadmap and Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. These plans will encompass meaningful and actionable solutions that address the three pillars of sustainability; environment, economy, and equity.

We know that equitable and lasting change only comes about when the community is engaged in the planning process. Subject-specific task force committees have been formed that include residents, nonprofit organizations, local experts, elected officials, and businesses. Members discuss and develop goals and actions in the areas of solid waste and recycling, clean energy and green building, land use planning and mobility, and land and water conservation.

Taskforce members are at the center of our planning process. By collaborating with our community members, the Blaine County Sustainability Program will develop plans that are representative of solutions the entire community values and needs. These plans will be used to support and guide Blaine County in our sustainability and climate efforts.

Learn about the Advisory Committee’s membership and progress: